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Not to mention the color options are beautiful, the customer service is amazing, and the pad was to my door in a little over a week! I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase!
Note : 5/5
D. Miranda
the 12-14-2019
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my agent Edward has been most caring and very preactive. Even though I ended up having to go with only an economy flight simply for financial reasons, when I was originally looking for a business flight due to some disabilities, his level of service remained superb. I do not think that I will ever use a different travel agency again in the future. I recommended your company to several friends already. Thank you very much and God bless you.
Note : 5/5
I. Marianne
the 12-09-2019
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Gary our salesman was ok, we did get the Solar install pretty quick, signed the end of Feb., went live on Aug. 1!! Jessica was awsome
Note : 4.0/5
Y. Jp
the 12-08-2019
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Oh my gosh! I’m trying to lose my baby weight but still want some ice cream. I can’t believe each serving is only 100 calories! Thank you Enlightened for this delicious dessert! â¤ï¸
Note : 5/5
. Jessica
the 12-08-2019

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