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So far my experience with Superprof has been average.
03-31-2019 by .

following an experience of 02-14-2019

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3 / 5

Great idea, and I'm grateful that I already have one client from SP, but: I find that it's hard to find needed information on the site and have requested phone/chat contact with a tech person but not response so far. I hope that things will be *wonderful* in the long run!
03-31-2019 by .

following an experience of 02-11-2019



Superprof is a knowledge sharing tool that connects those who want to learn and those who want to teach.
More than 450 subjects and over 100,000 great and handpicked teachers, you can also take ESL lessons, find a coach or trainer, practice your math, learn how to play the guitar or tutor.
We all have something to learn or teach.
With Superprof ♥, become (THE) best.

85 rue d'Amsterdam
Paris, 75008
Tel: 6177017618
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