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User friendly website, easy order processing, super tracking, prompt delivery - each 5 Stars. Unfortunately, the only reason for the transaction was to purchase 5 dozen Grade A (as Grade A defined on website) Kirkland golf balls. IMHO, 50 were Grade A, 5 Grade B & 5 Grade B+ . Of the 10, about half showed a bruise beyond scuffing, the other half excessive prior perma pen markings. Still, overall not dissatisfied with the purchase as the price is right. Once I hit them in the water or woods, who will know anyway. I would purchase again.... Bob
05-13-2020 by .

following an experience of 05-02-2020

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Hi Robert, Thank you for your feedback. Team
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Description: is Canada's go to retailer for used golf balls. Recycled golf balls, Refinished golf balls, and Refurbished golf balls at up to 90% off compared to new! Free shipping on orders over $100.

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