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Well, I want to make this 5 stars but I just can't. Dont' get me wrong, I'm grateful for the part that has 5 stars. I'll explain in short terms:

1 Star - Keeping the formatting you did for reviews is horrible. It will keep the punctuation but they will run things together in a blob of text to make things less pleasant to read. So likely when i post this, it will be one solid blob of text. Reviews or comments on someone's profile won't show up for a very long time if at all. Review system is okay but if you do the review from a link of a comment an instructor gave you for your profile, it won't give you the option of the rating system. So the Instructor gets no rating.

3 Stars - Interface. It's average and does the job but it is a bit clunky and missing quite a few features that are industry standard and important to have.

5 Stars - The importance that is put on getting reputable and upstanding teachers and students. Can't stress how important that was for me.


10 stars - The instructor I found through SuperProf. I can't tell you how amazing he is and has done one heck of a job in his teaching and style. He's just an amazing human being.
02-04-2020 by .

following an experience of 12-19-2019

Response from Superprof
Hi Paige,

Thanks for your review. We process reviews and recommendations manually so, sometimes, over a weekend, for example, it can take a few days to appear. We manually tidy and punctuate any reviews if necessary. We are also looking at ways to develop and make the site easier to use so thank you for the feedback. We're so glad you found a great tutor using Superprof. Good luck with your future classes.

The Superprof Team
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Not enough candidates are being attracted to me.
05-04-2019 by .

following an experience of 03-12-2019

Response from Superprof
Hi Daniel,

I’m very sorry you have not received any students from Superprof yet. I can only apologize and ask for you to stick with us.

Although we are very well established across Europe we are still competing with some established players in the US who have been here for many years. It just means it takes a little time to build up the reputation and generate student traffic.

In the meantime, I have sent you an email about how to make your advert as visible as possible to potential students.

Kind regard,



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