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I found the process very smooth. Will use them again if the occasion arises.
06-23-2020 by .

following an experience of 06-14-2020

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Beautiful product, love love love
06-22-2020 by .

following an experience of 11-29-2019

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Very pleased of course I have purchased the stars before.
06-17-2020 by .

following an experience of 06-05-2020

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It waz good
06-12-2020 by .

following an experience of 05-30-2020

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Make sure to check your spam folder if you purchase the PDF option! After inquiring about the whereabouts of my order (not having checked my spam folder), I received a prompt phone reply from a nice representative who let me know to check my spam folder. Very professional and prompt. Can’t wait to give this gift to my father for Father’s Day! Thank you StarNamer!
05-26-2020 by .

following an experience of 05-25-2020

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Name a star after someone you love at StarNamer®, the world's premier star naming company.

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