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Took a bit longer to arrive than I expected but not to bad. About a week. Packaging was done well and was happy to see that I recieved a bonus bottle.
07-29-2018 by .

Order date 07-17-2018

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Priceless information! We are bombarded with xeno-estrogens! Wish I knew about this 25 years ago! Thank you Dr. Eckhart!!!!!
07-21-2018 by .

Order date 07-10-2018

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This website is very easy to navigate through.
07-15-2018 by .

Order date 07-07-2018

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My order was delivered on time and with great info. I do not, at this time, have a review on the product as it has not been enought time.
07-14-2018 by .

Order date 07-06-2018

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Received in a timely manner.
06-26-2018 by .

Order date 03-06-2018

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Before you order they should tell you ALL the things you can't be taking , I wouldn't have ordered it had I read the list .
06-19-2018 by .

Order date 05-05-2018

Response from Women's Therapeutic Institute LLC
Johnson and Johnson states that 98% of the cosmetics and toiletries ingredients are bad for you. Only 2% of the ingredients of the cosmetics and toiletries are all right to use. This is what we are saying.

Johnson and Johnson was sued for causing ovarian cancer in customers using their products. The customers won. In one case, 129 million dollars was won by the customer afflicted with ovarian cancer. They have spent the last 5 years trying to reformulate their products. They considered cancer, birth defects, poison, and allergy. Unfortunately, it seems that they did not fully consider hormone disruption.

40% of all Americans will get cancer. Breast Cancer Prevention Partners at believes that breast cancer is caused by these transdermally absorbed cosmetics and toiletries.

There is a subset of patients called chemically sensitive patients. These patients use very simple nontoxic cosmetics and toiletries. In the last 30 years that I have been following the community, it seems that they have very few cases of cancer anecdotally.

I am sorry that the wording is unclear.

I am very sorry for the confusion.

As the videos on our website show, you are sick because you are unintentionally are poisoning yourself with chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen and hormone disruptors. The list shows you how to get well by avoiding these chemicals.

This is true for all progesterone products even my competitors. They just don't tell you. In the Amazon description of the product, there is mention of some of the chemicals and herbs that are hormone disruptive that should not be taken with progesterone.

We have tried to list that progesterone does interact with other xenoestrogens that you are taking on the Google Listing. However, Google considers this a policy violation. Google does NOT allow any health recommendations or advice. We have tried this in the past and they have banned our sales listing.

Not to be redundant, but again, my progesterone competitors, all have the SAME contraindications. They just don’t tell you.

To see the scope of the problem I would invite you to watch this 3 minute video by PBS Frontline:

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5 / 5

Great, easy to order, good service, I recommend
06-11-2018 by .

Order date 06-02-2018

Customer review


5 / 5

received the product in a timely matter. I will definitely order again.
05-16-2018 by .

Order date 05-04-2018

Customer review


5 / 5

I live in Greece and although my item was held in customs for quite a while the service from woohoo was excellent and very quick.
05-14-2018 by .

Order date 03-03-2018

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5 / 5

Reliable! Prompt delivery! Great packaging!
05-08-2018 by .

Order date 04-12-2018

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Progestelle Progesterone Oil is purer than Progesterone Cream. No Preservatives, No Fragrance, No Chemicals, No GMO, Glass Bottles, and HypoAllergic.

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