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3 / 5

Shipping and delivery was quick, but the rose arrived damaged.
09-08-2021 by .

following an experience of 08-26-2021

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3 / 5

I would like the website to give information on the expected delivery times for your "express mail" delivery. I ordered a rose one week before our 50th Wedding anniversary. It arrived over a week after the anniversary. It was not even shipped until a week after it was ordered. A beautiful product, but order it earlier than I did. Info on the website might help
09-08-2021 by .

following an experience of 08-25-2021

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3 / 5

I didn't get any emails for shipping/tracking... had no clue it was even on my porch other than a neighbor knocked and handed it to me. While the roses are beautiful, and the cases are very nice, i do think the price is on the high side. But they are beautiful..
02-26-2021 by .

following an experience of 02-11-2021

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Wedding Anniversary gifts for her with a difference. Eternity Rose specialises in stunning and unique natural rose gifts.

The Eternity Rose
80 Broad Street, 5th Floor
New York, 10004
Tel: 855 997 0311
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The Eternity Rose
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