Use our Teester solution and add authentic customer videos on your products pages to increase your conversion rate by 68%

Why are customer videos essential?
Here are 3 reasons:

1. To be authentic

Gen Z and Y are video addicts and 85% of consumers think that User Generated Content has more influence on their decision than brand content.

Authenticity and transparency are the new rules to attract consumers.


2. To improve conversion

Adding video content to your pages directly impacts the consumer's confidence and your conversion rate.

96% of consumers find videos useful to make an informed purchase decision. 88% of consumers trust customer videos as much as word of mouth.

Teester videos can improve your conversion rate by 68%! Our platform provides you all the KPIs and data needed to analyze your performance.

3. To create real engagement

Find the right customers to make impactful videos.  Your customers have talent, so engage them in the creation of revelant content. Our technology automatically adapts and optimizes their videos to produce a visually pleasing final product.

Use them with ease thanks to our tailor-made player that diffuses the video to your e-commerce website, your social media, your Youtube channel and more... It's that simple! 

We help brands and online stores gather authentic, relevant and high quality videos created by their consumers for their consumers.